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A sophisticated, state of the art, blockchain enabled trust management platform.

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Purpose built for trust professionals, we have trusts at our core.

Smart Trust™ is the only blockchain enabled SaaS platform developed by a trust professional for trust professionalsNo more need to adapt legal or other types of software.


Our smart companion app gives you 24/7 access and the ability to provide real time client service.


Interconnected with all of your critical SaaS tools, we provide a trust management platform that allows for end to end trust management.


Trace the history of any transaction for any vehicle with an immutable timestamp.

Secure Trust Management

Smart Trust™ allows users to create, manage and store, in a democratic, immutable, secure, perpetual and transparent environment. With or without the blockchain, Smart Trust™ keeps your client information protected at all times.

Smart Trust™ has:

  • An optional blockchain feature for enhanced cyber security

  • Graphic representation of the trust in one simple, global view

  • An automatic voting feature by protector/financial advisors

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Smart Mobile App

Smart Trusts™ provides a companion application for all users, from the settlor to the advisors of the trust, which allows for full 24/7 access for all relevant parties at any time, with full notification of any ledger changes in real-time.

The marketplace is changing.

Clients are increasingly technologically savvy and hyper-focused on security. They want transparency in client reporting and are willing to invest in the technology overlap that provides it.

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Want to see it in action?

Check out this short video below to learn all about how Smart Structuring™ works.

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What our clients say:

With the installation of Smart Trust™ in our firm, we have seen a productivity increase of over 30% with no additional staff added.


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