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The Trust Sector Today

“What clients really want today,
can’t be achieved using the paper trust”
“The trust sector has not advanced in over 20 years.
Smart Structuring™ will catapult it into the 21st century.”

Martin Litwak, CEO Smart Trust™


Here's what we know

  • Clients will pay extra for enhanced security.

  • Investment in wealthtech will determine which trust companies come out on top according to a number of recent studies and trend reports.

  • The world is fast moving, and clients now demand 24/7 customer service – no exceptions.

The serious issues around trusts include;

  • Fraudulent activity

  • Lack of control

  • Sloppy record keeping and a lack of a central file for all client
    records in perpetuity

  • Transparency around trusts and other wealth structuring products and services

  • Difficulty in prosecuting fraudulent activity when it does occur

  • Settlor reliance on trustee good will - takes legal perspective away


Smart Trust™

A fully flexible, interconnected, blockchain enabled trust management platform with a companion app — built by trust professionals with trusts at it's core.

What our clients say:

My clients have told me in no uncertain terms to stay ahead of the game when it comes to cyber security. Smart Trust allows me to store all of my client’s trusts on the blockchain for enhanced privacy and record keeping.

Smart Trust makes perfect sense to us – no more adapting legal or accounting software to get the job done. This software is perfect for trust management.

We’ve been looking for a SaaS platform like this for several years. The fact that Smart Trust was designed by a trust lawyer to solve a problem in his legal family office makes it all the more relevant to our needs.

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